A Commitment to Diversity

As a 100% minority-owned company, Done Right Building Services recognizes the competitive advantage we can offer businesses who are looking to diversify their service partners while remaining committed to excellent service and the care of their facilities.

Programs for Every Level of Commitment

Our company complies with all equal opportunity legislation. It is the policy of our company to guarantee equal treatment for all who seek opportunities for employment advancement. The ultimate goal of Done Right's hiring practices is for our workforce to reflect the proportion of people of color, females, veterans, and handicapped persons in the population from which we recruit.

The needs of our clients are as diverse as our company strategy, and we work to develop programs uniquely tailored to their initial, short-term, and long-term objectives.

At the Client Level, we often work to develop mutual targets for our procurement strategy with each client. While these clients are already receiving the benefit of doing business and tracking their spending with a 100% minority-owned business in Done Right, we also work to achieve additional goals.

One example of this is our work with the Department of the Navy which calls for use of NISH (a nonprofit organization that finds work for disabled individuals) contracting for some of the scope of work under our service contract. Done Right not only uses our experience and industry relations to secure the best overall value in cases like these, but we also track spending using our accounting system. This provides clients with up-to-date information on our success in reaching their objectives.

Internal Use of Diverse Suppliers

Our commitment to diversity also extends to our use of service providers to provide back-office support for Done Right's service. Whether our existing and new clients require a service provider with experience in securing supplies, service, or the development of a new strategy for their procurement and service goals, Done Right has the experience required to meet their needs.


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