Committed to Safety

Management is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for DRBS personnel. The stated position of management is that every injury is preventable and every accident is avoidable.

Done Right's management team sponsors an annual executive management meeting to review safety objectives. In addition, we:

  • IDENTIFY visible management involvement in implementing and enforcing the company's safety and health program.
  • ASSIGN safety responsibilities and accountability to personnel and ensure that the responsibilities are understood and that essential tasks are performed.
  • IMPLEMENT and enforce safety rules and practices designed to protect personnel and others when performing their duties.
  • EMPOWER authorized personnel with responsibility, enforcement authority and resources to ensure affected personnel safety.

A Safe Place to Work

Our investment and focus on safety has resulted in an excellent safety record. Our record, as measured by OSHA, is far below the industry average for every service we provide, and is also far below the regional average. Further, these statistics are true across the board. Done Right provides a safe work environment for our employees and yours.

And, as our experience extends to Government and Corporate Clients, we have created successful site-specific safety programs for every market segment and client type. Further, the Done Right approach lowers our insurance rates—savings we pass on to our clients, increases morale, creates a safe working environment, and offers overall lowered costs.

Our Highest Priority

Done Right Building Services, Inc. knows that our greatest assets are people. Not only the people who work and subcontract for our company, but those who occupy and visit the facilities we operate and maintain every day of the year.

As a result of our work in building services, many of our employees face potentially hazardous situations on a regular basis. The materials and supplies; tools and equipment necessary in providing quality service can be potentially harmful without the proper training and care. And because of the contact our services may have with building tenants and visitors, tasks must be performed in ways that bring no potential hazards to occupants.

As a building services provider we take great care in developing site-specific safety plans that allow for a safe working environment for our clients.

Our employees are empowered to assist in suggesting improvements in our safety program. Further, they are instructed to never commence a task if it can't be completed safely. Done Right's philosophy is that every job can be performed safely and we take every precaution to make sure this happens.

Investing in Success

Our safety program is in compliance with all State and Federal requirements and is based on OSHA guidelines and our industry experience. Built on a strategy that employs 6 main ideas, every Done Right employee and subcontractor is required to adhere to our safety program.


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