Continuous Measures and Improvement

Quality is the key to success at Done Right. We work hard with our clients at contract outset. We want to achieve their goals, and we also want to be measured on more than just cost—when our clients recognize they have a partner who delivers long-term value and clear, measurable results, we create strong, lasting relationships with our clients. We deliver value—they achieve their goals.

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control process has been developed to take our proven process for tracking quality and adapt it to each client's unique needs. A blend of qualified personnel, measures—or metrics—based on each client, robust reporting capabilities, and regular assessments against goals assure that we are meeting and exceeding client requirements.

Done Right Client Quality Process

  1. Define Objectives for Success
  2. Create Measures for Success
  3. Regular Reporting on Data
  4. Regular Reviews Against Objectives
  5. Present Improvement Recommendations
  6. Re-evaluate Goals
  7. Adapt Service As Goals Change

Information is the foundation of business and we measure our performance against client standards, mutual goals, our industry experience across our entire portfolio, our experience based on facility-type and market segment, and industry best practices (as measured by BOMA, IFMA, and others).

In order to present each client with up-to-date information, we propose and prepare a reporting package for each client on a monthly basis. Prior to contract start we will provide recommendations for reporting based around our understanding of each client's goals. In addition to this regular reporting, Done Right often proposes regular meetings with our clients and escalation processes for providing new data as required.


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