Creating Continuous Improvement

As safety and training are our highest priority, a major part of our designed safety program is a process of continuous improvement. Under this process, we:

  • Conduct annual reviews of the effectiveness of the safety plan.
  • Measure safety performance through formal annual reviews.
  • Present annual awards for safety excellence to our employees.
  • Encourage participation for improvement by all Done Right employees.

Accident and Incident Investigation

In the unlikely event of an accident, Done Right has created a proven process for remediation:

  • Accidents are required to be reported to supervision within one hour of occurrence.
  • The initial accident report shall be completed by supervision within eight hours and the accident investigation report should be completed within 24 hours.
  • These reports are to be transmitted to the proper DRBS Management personnel and the DRBS Executive Management.
  • Designated client representatives are notified according to client-specific requirements.


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