Programs for Success

As a part of each transition and ongoing quality assurance process we meet regularly with our clients and their representatives and understand their initial, mid-, and long-term goals for environmental programs and safety. Our management team regularly assesses our overall environmental health and safety strategy and implements best practices wherever possible.

We have developed Green Clean processes, Recycling Programs, and Accounting programs for the benefit of our clients. Done Right understands that managing and recording new programs and processes is as important as their development and implementation.

For example, while we use Green Clean products wherever it creates the best overall value for our clients, equally important is our recorded training and usage data that we provide. Also, in each recycling program we administer and create, it is equally important to provide usage data to our clients.

The following is a sample breakdown of environmental programs and how we administer them for our clients:

  • Green Clean

  • Experience with green clean products
  • Relationships with Green Clean suppliers
  • Employee training specific to Green Clean for efficiency and productivity
  • Quality program specific to Green Clean
  • Relationship with Green Clean product providers
  • Recycling

  • Client outreach
  • Employee Training
  • Data Collection
  • Scalable by client and usage
  • Provide public outreach and education for tenants
  • Issue resolution with trained employees
  • Accounting

  • Data Collection
  • Implement and monitor existing environmental programs
  • Design accounting and reporting practices for clients
  • Follow industry best practices in data analysis and collection

For every level of commitment and client need, Done Right has created, implemented, monitored and measured quality environmental health and safety programs for our clients. Whether a client has an existing program we operate within or requires our experience in designing a program for their entire facilities portfolio, Done Right has the flexibility to maintain and create a healthy, proactive program that addresses all of your service needs.


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