Quality Assured

In order to assure the best possible quality of data for our clients, Done Right's internal Quality Assurance process includes regular and random inspections of service quality, as well as data analysis.

Each service contract includes the designation of a qualified supervisor who is required to do regular quality reporting on the site and the client's service. In addition, members of our management team create a detailed scope of work and service checklist in order to have a standard for service for each client. On the operations level, this quality assurance report is filled out at least quarterly on a scheduled basis and is augmented by random inspections by other Done Right Building Services staff. By cross-checking the work of our employees, and the service at each site, was can assure that our data collection is of the highest quality and that each site is receiving the attention and support it requires.

Further, we have instituted a regular review process that begins shortly after client transition. Once the goals for finance, accounting, human resources, safety, and operations are determined, we are able to check our performance against the standard. In regular meetings with our client, both on the site and the management level, we can review success, create solutions to outstanding issues, and make recommendations for improvement.

An environment of continuous improvement is our goal. We welcome the creation of service contracts based around performance measures and seek to be a trusted partner with each and every client.


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