Safety Implementation

Staffing for Safety

Done Right Building Services has assigned Gene Bailey the role of Safety Coordinator. Gene is responsible for the monitoring of the safety plan. In addition, we monitor each and every job requirement and client need and assure that each task, facility, and client is staffed in a safe and appropriate manner continually.

Planning for Safety

We take a proactive approach to safety, and many of our Safe Work Practices require the inclusion of site-specific information. As a result:

  • Our authorized personnel inspect and identifying specific site and/or equipment safety issues.
  • We require affected personnel to discuss identified safety issues with their supervisor.
  • Specific site and/or equipment safety practices are documented in the onsite safety manual and relayed to the cleaners.
  • The supervisor conducts random site surveys to review personnel safety performance.

Training and Education

Our safety training program is designed to ensure that DRBS personnel understand and are aware of the hazards to which they may be exposed and the proper methods for avoiding or dealing with identified hazards. New personnel are furnished with training, information and literature covering the company safety policies, rules and practices.

Worker Participation and Involvement

Our safety program relies on worker participation and involvement. The responsibilities of each designated manager are as follows:

  • Meet quarterly to review the effectiveness of the safety plan, review incidents from the previous quarter and review the safety goals and objectives. Develop action plans accordingly to improve overall safety performance.
  • Provide technical advice needed for proper administration of the safety program.
  • Establish practices and guidelines for safety program(s) and update as necessary.
  • Review accident investigation reports, obtain additional pertinent data as needed, approve completed report and initiate corrective action when directed by management.


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