Successful Transitions

When our clients are opening a new facility, or making a change in service providers, there are many concerns surrounding the maintenance of their facility and the satisfaction of their tenants. Done Right Building Services understands that there are ways that service can be disrupted or confused, and that setting a tone for quality service from day one communicates the success of the decision for change. Whether transitioning a single site or a geographically dispersed portfolio, our process has successfully transitioned service for clients since 1993.

We have created a proven transition process that addresses the needs for a successful service implementation while allowing for the mediation of unexpected events. Our emphasis on planning, our experience with a wide range of clients, and our investment in transition processes and tools allows for a service transition with no disruptions and high quality.

Planning for Success

“Done Right employees perform an initial clean up of each new site to begin service. This creates an understood benchmark of quality from contract start.”

Proactive planning is one of the biggest keys to success with our clients. And since our transition process is continually evaluated, implemented, and improved by Done Right Building Services' management team, we are prepared to customize our program to the needs of our customers immediately upon contract signature.

One of our benefits for new clients is our use of Done Right project teams to transition new contracts. These Done Right employees are mobile and we utilize their services to perform an initial clean up of each new site to begin service. This creates an understood benchmark of quality from contract start. Further, these employees are then trained on the facilities, the client policies and procedures, and are available for emergency response and staffing assistance during contract performance.

No Disruption in Service

All companies recognize that changing their service strategy can be wrought with pitfalls. And while making a change is generally necessary to achieve new corporate goals—either in overall strategy, cost savings, or service enhancement—it can be met with heavy internal resistance and concern.

Only by working with each new client to create and implement a customized strategy, based on our proven processes and experience, can we make the initial phase of procurement a unanimous success.

Not only does our approach assure success in each procurement, it creates great internal relationships for each new endeavor. We regard each transition phase as a proving ground to show our ability to create great service and value. Our clients have often rewarded our capacity to bring grace and planning to each transition with contract expansions in terms of new facilities or scope. And our experience with larger corporations and federal requirements has created an internal transition program that combines industry best practices with fast-response capabilities and an incredible depth of local resources.


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